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With Green Coins, our mission is to transform Nepal into a green society by promoting the use of greener alternatives. We intend to do this using the reward based methodology popularly known as positive reinforcement technique in psychology who uses incentive mechanism to motivate people to do something not of their usual interest.

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Are plastic roads really a solution to mitigate plastic waste?

Let’s take a moment and look around. Are we even considered about how those huge piled up plastic waste in our surrounding is polluting the ecosystems? Despite of the cognizance about the effects on human health from toxic chemicals of plastic, are we hust...

Plastic is not a problem, your habits can be..

We have been fighting with the inevitable impact of the plastic pollution from ages. We no longer need elaboration on how the terrible effects of plastic are ruining the environment. Regardless of the understanding, why the plastics are still seen ubiquito...

Something you didn’t know about Australian bushfire!!

Australia is struggling with an unprecedented level of bushfire for months and the fire still indicates to blaze continuously.

What happened in Australia?

It is a common threat for Australia to have severe bush fires during summer and autumn...

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