• Plastic is not a problem, your habits can be..

    We have been fighting with the inevitable impact of the plastic pollution from ages. We no longer need elaboration on how the terrible effects of plastic are ruining the environment. Regardless of the understanding, why the plastics are still seen ubiquitously? Unfortunately, we reached to the point where we can’t buy anything without it.

    There are many alternatives for plastic bags and the campaigns are operated for reducing plastics as much as possible. However, we normally see Paper, cotton or any other recyclable bags for the replacement but what if these alternatives have drawbacks as well.

    Paper bag

    Paper bag is biodegradable and can be recycled easily. But it is not better than plastic bags. It requires cutting down of million of trees every year and generates 70% more air pollution than plastic bags. The amount of petroleum and fuel required to manufacture is same for either bags. While, the production of paper bags involves four times as much water as plastic bag.

    Cotton bag

    As per the reusable cotton bags, the materials required is different than plastic bags. The fact that it looks trendy and eco-friendly, the number of consumers has increased drastically already. However, it needs to be reused 131 times to break even with a plastic bag. You must keep an intention of using it for more than five years once you buy.

    Plastics are terrible at the same time. Although they are least costly to produce, its non-biodegradable nature is a headache.

    Yet, non of the option is appropriate due to the disadvantages described above. But there is always positive and negative aspects of a good. Actually the best option for you totally depends upon what you are going to do with the bag after its use. Single-use anything cannot be taken as a great alternative obviously instead why don’t we stop piling up new bags (any paper, cotton, plastic) unnecessarily. The habit of adding bags frequently is worse than plastics.

    So, let’s make a habit of reusing any bags until they fall apart.

    Image: Green Coins